Terms & Conditions

1. Venue Hire

1.1. We will provisionally hold a date for your Wedding Celebrations for up to 14 days. In the event of another enquiry for the chosen date, you will be asked to confirm your booking.

1.2. To confirm your booking the payment of the Venue Hire Charge is required. This acts as a non-refundable deposit and once paid is deemed as acceptance of all our Terms and Conditions.

1.3. A wedding contract will be issued to be signed by both parties at this time, not later than 1 week after the deposit is received.


2. Number of Guests

2.1. The minimum number of chargeable guests will be named at the point of date confirmation.

2.2. Final confirmed numbers are required 4 weeks before the secured date.

2.3. On Fridays and Saturdays during the months of June, July, August, September & December we cater for a chargeable minimum of 60 day guests and an additional 40 evening guests


3. Payment

3.1. Payment of 50% of the estimated final invoice is due 26 weeks prior to your secured date.

3.2. Payment of the Final Invoice is due 3 weeks prior to your secured date.

3.3. Any costs occurred from the day itself will be due for payment the morning after the wedding on the collection of your decorations.


4. Cancellation

4.1. In the event of written notice being given of a cancellation, the Venue Hire Charge Deposit is forfeit. Other charges will be levied based on the following:

4.2. If the cancellation is made more than 12 months prior to the secured date no additional charges will apply.

4.3. At 26 weeks prior to the secured date, a charge of 50% of our estimated final invoice will be due. This will increase by 10% per month.

4.4. Rescheduling by written notice of the secured date:

4.4.1. If the original secured date is resold the original deposit paid will be transferred as part payment towards the new non-refundable deposit due to secure the new date.

4.4.2. If the original date cannot be resold the terms of cancellation will be applicable and the original non-refundable deposit is forfeit.

4.4.3. An additional administration fee of £200 will be made for the rescheduling


5. Catering

5.1. All catering is provided in-house by The Plough and Barn at Leigh Ltd. No food stuffs, drink or catering of any kind may be brought onto the premises, with the exception of a traditional Wedding Cake.

5.2. Novelty items, such as Sweet Carts and Chocolate Fountains can be arranged through The Plough at Leigh Ltd or with our express permission for which a cover charge will be made by The Plough and Barn at Leigh Ltd.


6. Entertainment

6.1. We will provide details of our recommended DJ for your evening. Bookings, cost and payment are between you and them.

6.2. Any suppliers must be approved by The Plough and Barn at Leigh Ltd prior to you booking them.

6.3. Any professional entertainment service performing on your behalf at the venue must provide us with copies of their Public Liability Insurance and PAT Certification of any electrical equipment a minimum of 3 weeks before the secured date.

6.4. Any amplified music played must follow our “Noise Policy”

6.5. Any professional entertainment must be set up and sound tested before any of your guests are invited into the area.

6.6. Firework displays are permitted if performed by a professional, reputable company with provision of copies of their Public Liability Insurance and health & safety documentation after a site visit a minimum of 3 weeks before the secured date.

6.7. Chinese Lanterns are not permitted.

6.8. Drone photography is not permitted.


7. Decoration

Will be placed by us at the appropriate times with the exception of Barn decoration into the eaves. If this is required an approved professional company, able to provide copies of their Public Liability Insurance and health & safety documentation, after a site visit, a minimum of 3 weeks before the secured date must be used.

7.1. Confetti: Dried flower petal confetti may be used in a part of the venue and at a time to be discussed with us in advance. No artificial confetti may be used on the premises what so ever. No confetti cannons are permitted.

7.2. The use of soap bubbles or fog machines is not permitted in the barn.

7.3. Naked flames are not permitted. Any candles required for decoration purposes must be LED

7.4. No crystal beads or pebbles which could cause a slip hazard may be used as table decoration

7.5. Any helium balloons must be weighted and not be untied at any time in the barn.


8. Children

8.1. Children must be supervised at all times in all parts of the premises.

8.2. The playground may be used by children 11 years and under in daylight only under the supervision of a responsible adult.


9. Furniture

9.1. Alternative furniture will be hired by the venue on your behalf at a quoted additional cost

9.2. We will recommend one other furniture supplier for alternative furniture. Bookings cost and payment are between you and them. An additional flat rate service and storage charge will be made by us, added to your invoice.


10. Insurance

10.1. We strongly recommend that you acquire Comprehensive Wedding Insurance to cover all eventualities.

10.2. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions as necessary.